/Essentials of Power BI - Get started with Data Visualisation
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Essentials of Power BI - Get started with Data Visualisation

10 modules


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<p>Power BI course enables you to learn about Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and Data Visualization with Power BI Desktop, Power View, and Power Map. It is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft. It offers Data modeling capabilities including data preparation, data discovery, and interactive dashboards.</p>


Power BI is a tool that converts data from different data sources to interactive dashboards and BI reports. Power BI is simple and fast enough to connect to an Excel workbook or a local database. It can also be robust and enterprise-grade and ready for real-time analytics. This means it can be used in a variety of environments from a personal report and visualization tool to the analytics and decision engine behind group projects, divisions, or entire corporations.

Apart from a strong theoretical understanding, you need to work on various real-life projects and work on different services for storage, network, database, computing, etc. This Power BI training is live instructor-led and ensures that you get hands-on experience in real-time projects.

There is no prior technical knowledge required for this Power BI Course. However, a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Excel and formulas will be an advantage. These are the skills you will get to learn after enrolling in the Power BI course:

  •  Concepts like Data Visualization and Integration
  • Learn about Power Pivot, Power Excel, Power Map, etc 
  • Understand DAX and Measurements
  • Perform Data Binding and Formatting
  • Master Power BI Embedded and Workspace Collection



1. Introduction to Power BI and Various Tools

2. Introduction to Power BI Desktop and Getting Data

3. Data Cleaning, Unpivot, Header change, Data Types

4 More Data Import and creating basic relationshop in multiple tables

5. Understanding Measure and How we test measure

6. Understanding Table Structures and Uploading Entire Folder

7. Data Modelling, Creating Complex Relationship, Snowflake table structure

8. Understanding Explicit and Implicit Measure

9. Creating Date Table and Creating Relationship

10. Creating Measures and Starting Data Visualisation

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